Browse Local Businesses and Save Money

It’s Friday and payday, so after a long work week, I decided to do the thing any rational person would do - try and find a food and drink special close by so I can kick off my weekend with some fun (without blowing the paycheck that had barely just dropped in my checking account). The main results of a quick google search were old articles, uneasy to browse, or just not specific enough to what I was looking for. After seeing a couple of local spots close during COVID, we wanted to build an easy-to-browse food and drink special site that leaned heavily towards local establishments - welcome to theSCOOTCH.

Why Is Finding a Walkable Drink Special So Hard?

If it’s Tuesday and you want to try and find a drink special at a local spot within walking distance of your place, it should not be that hard. Sure you can hit the same spot you usually do but sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scenery. Lunchtime on a Wednesday and you’re looking for a lunch special close by the office, it should be easy to just browse options nearby! You get the point, theSCOOTCH was built from a need to easily browse food and drink specials by day and location.

Pizza on a plate
MOAR Pizza! Who doesn't like pizza?

One button to view today's specials and narrow it down if you’re looking for food,drinks, both, or some trivia after work. Browse within the map or scroll throughthe cards - up to you!

New Specials In - Old Specials Out

Specials are only good if they are up-to-date. We work hard to make sure that we regularly check active deals and deactivate ones that are longer available so you won’t see them when browsing. We are human so some things slip through the cracks, which is why our contact form is short and sweet to let us know if you see something that is not working. Why not help a neighbor out by submitting a new special or deal you know of? We’ll get it added super quick!

Charlotte skyline from Truist Field
One of the best views in Charlotte - from Truist Field

Thank You Charlotte!

Charlotte is a beautiful growing community and we are happy to be a part of it. Local businesses need loyal patrons now more than ever. If you’re a restaurant owner or worker, feel free to reach out if we are missing something from your place. Thanks for keeping our glasses filled and stomachs full!